First part of Victubia is here!
It’s the first part of many! ;)
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Introducing Lord Pewdiepie and Lady Marzia as they move to the biggest city in the country of Victubia; Victubia Capital.
Where strange things are lurking in the dark…

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dsgfjksehgkj I can’t wait until part 2! :D



This made tear up for real.

And we all know the answer…

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i hope this woman lives forever

XD I love Betty White

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“You guys should ask me things”

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the only 6 pack i need image

Yes, and now I’m hungry. XD

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Server Name Ideas? (be creative)

So, say hypothetically you’re planning on making a server similar to Mianite with your friend. With it’s own lore, Gods, stories, and mythology, but have no name ideas. I mean, we can’t name it Mianite for obvious reasons, so what do my followers (no matter how few there are) think? Do you have name ideas?


people say i look different without my glasses but i dont see it

My life

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This thumbnail is gold, but all I can think is that it looks like the title of a movie about two rival spies from like the 80’s?


Thumbnail from this video

More like rival gangs or mobs in the 30’s, but that’s just my opinion, XD

No see the movie was made in the 80’s but it’s about the 30’s

Holy crap you reblogged this. XD I was thinking something similar to ‘The Godfather,’ but that came out in the early 70’s, I get what you mean though. :3


You guys are all freaking about shit going down on Mianite and I am honestly scared for our captain.

As am I